Gabriel Tozo

Period 7


The Sweet Embrace of Acceptance

Bored.Pissed.Tired.All at once makes for a miserable day especially around

here.Thank God that their was only an hour left of school.Also today was a pretty

boring day a Wednesday, not the beginning of the week not the end.News organizations

have been restoring that the earth’s core expressing an unusual amount of radiation but

they said that its not life threatening.What was Mrs.Jordan even talking about?Whatever

I’ll figure it out later.A lot has been on my mind lately so I justified myself for not paying

attention during class,also I just hated school in general like the contempt sounds

brilliant but it’s definitely isn’t supposed to be tolerable at least for me.

I snapped back to reality in an instant.We hear on the PR that the heavy amounts of

radiation reported earlier is apparently very life threatening.Its estimated that the the

earth will explode from the inside out in about three hours.They didn’t have enough

resources and time to maybe find a solution to solve the problem…basically it was

hopeless.When you’re are hit with such a smack to the face, a heavy dose of reality it

takes a second to put the pieces together and react.For a second we all sat their then it

was pretty clear the world was lawless for the next three hours.We all just bolted out

shame for the kids who got trampled over but now wasn’t a time to start being

sympathetic now was a time to act.

It was as if staring at the face of mayhem.The main stair cases you think wouldn’t be

dangerous but people were intentionally pushing and showing others while running

some kids just ate it on a step and it was a domino effect.The best was to go through

the back stair case a lot less people their good thinking on my part. That’s one thing I

always had going for me I would analyze every little thing to the tiniest detail. Don’t

know why just that’s what I always did and I wasn’t gonna question it now that life was

gonna be over in three hours.I went to the front of the school sea of kids all with their

phones out calling their parents to pick them up,in case they haven’t heard the

incredibly grim mood yet.Their calls were pointless cause for all that calling most of

them were still stuck at Belen.Same applied to me no phone signal either so I had to

spend my last day in Belen…great I said to myself in a smug way.

If someone told me my last day alive would be in this school I would call them crazy

and other less politically correct words.But that was the fact I couldn’t hijack a car,and

forget getting a ride from someone lucky enough to have their parents pick them up

much less asking any senior.Yep I was basically stuck here.After accepting my

miserable situation I got myself some food from Cafe Belen which was free to anyone

who got their first cause the world was ending obviously. My haul was some Little

Debbie snacks,a yellow Powerade, fries,and a chicken sandwich why die on an empty

stomach I said to myself slightly pleased with the sheer amount of food I got.It was to

risky to be around the campus I had this fear I was gonna get beat up maybe killed.I

took refuge in the rooftop the highest one their and blocked people from entering.My

little slice of heaven for now.

I took all the food out and ate it slowly appreciating it.I was hungry too which made

this all taste so much better.Once I was done stuffing my face I took a minute to

appreciate the scenery even though it was the end of the world It was peacefully at a

quick glance.Below all of the laws of society were just thrown out the window.Below me

kids had found some how found a way to start a fire and were just tossing things into it

chairs,book bags,garbage cans..etc. Don’t get me wrong it was awesome just kind of

disturbing to see that man is just as barbaric as we were millions of years ago in less

than a few hours.At least their were no murders happening which I assumed would

happen in a matter of seconds after the news was made known.I guess I always just

assumed the worst but that’s just how you should be you never know when life will just

smack you in the face.

Their wasn’t much time left before the world just explodes but I just don’t know what to

do with my time.I could look back and state everything good and bad I ever did. Maybe

think about loved ones I told myself.I didn’t know where to begin.I noticed how in times

like this you just start thinking trying to put the pieces together of life in a way that

everyday people could get.was their an after life? I sure hoped their was or else I fear

for myself.I hoped that God was a merciful God because i would really hate to be in hell

literally forever.I noticed it’s when you’re staring death in the face that you become

desperate for hope.I was guilty as charged.

I started hearing the ground rumble and begin to shake.The beginning of the end I told

myself.It all had all happened so quickly.You would assume your last day would be

longer not so ordinary.It was as if their wasn’t an end of the world at least in my

mentality just that today the world ends.A difficult concept to understand but it’s a

noticeably different; one is that you view the end with a feel that it’s gonna be the most

important day ever,which it certainly could be but also you could view it as simply the

day the world ended.If I explained that most people wouldn’t get it i don’t even

understand it that well and I’m fine with that but I just wanna think about other things

then just the end of the world.

The ground started to begin shifting and tearing less and less time was present. Am I

going to heaven? Is their a heaven even? I believe I wasn’t the worst of the best I was

simply just flawed like so many others.Was it the degree of flaw that determined if you’re

worthy to go to heaven? Well duh I told myself that’s exactly how it works forget it when

your their you’ll know.Their was phone signal now.Finally.I just sent texts to everyone.I

hoped they all got it and are at least safe.I was pretty contempt with myself no doubt I

didn’t live a perfect life but you always have to look at it in retrospect to others who have

it way worse.I was ready for my immediate death and as that acceptance was noted by

me the world began rumbling and tearing even more and earth was beginning to

explode.No point for running.With my favorite song playing too many to pick from so I

just played Die Motherfucker Die by Get set Go.I embraced death, cause

death was sadly inevitable.

The End

An essay I wrote in 9th grade
What happened to rap music? There were days when it was actually hard, people were getting shot. Biggie and Tupac DIED! Now it’s, “ohh, Chris Brown punched a guy over a parking space!”
Brett Erlich (via thenotsosecretdiaryofakate)
Hunger Games Pick up lines
What are the odds of you being in my favour?
Did a cannon just sound, or is that my heart beating for you?
Is that a bread roll in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?
Are you the arena? Because I'm about to enter you.
Are you from district 12? Because I'm about to make you mine.
Roses are red, violets are fine, you're from district 6, I'm from district 9.
Are you an Avox? Because you leave me speechless.
If you are looking for a boyfriend? Because I volunteer as tribute.
Katniss did you lose an arrow? Because I found one in my heart.
Did Cinna set you on fire? Or are you just hot?
I may be a gamekeeper. But I won't play a game with your heart.
Are you from District 1? Cause from where I'm standing, you're Marvel-lous.

“When I Look At Myself in the Mirror”


“When I Look At Myself in the Mirror”